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Attractive Window Treatments For Difficult Window Styles

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Picture windows, bay windows and sliding glass doors are luxurious additions to your house. They let in lots of natural light while allowing you to enjoy the view. However, bare windows do not provide the most attractive profile from an interior decorating point of view. Blend shutters and blinds with pretty window treatments for a finished look in your room. Picture Window Picture windows are typically rectangular, and they don’t open. Read More»

Bathroom Remodeling: The Right Counters And Vanities For Your Home And Lifestyle

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If you are planning on a bathroom remodel, than new counters and vanities are likely something that you have been looking at. There are many options to fit the style and personality of your bathroom, and the prices will range accordingly. Consider the following options for your remodel, which will all give this important space style and distinction. Some cool counters and stylish back-splashes include the following options: Solid slab stone counter-tops. Read More»

3 Reasons To Consider Carpeting Your Floors

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Carpet is one of the best alternatives to hardwood and laminate flooring, mostly because of the many benefits that it provides. Noise insulation, comfort, and warmth are all great benefits provided by carpet.  Warmth One of the great features of carpet is that the fibers actually absorb and retain heat. As a result, you will be able to keep your heater off for longer periods of time, which has the side benefit of lowering your utility bills in the winter. Read More»

Top Six Trends In Window Treatments

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Window treatments are sometimes relegated to the accessory category when it comes to furnishing a room.  However, please don’t overlook the profound affect the right window treatments make in the way your rooms look and feel. Window treatments are about so much more than just blocking light or adding privacy. With the right choices you can enhance your style and totally change the way your room is perceived. If your home is in dire need of a refresh, read on for the top 6 trends in window treatments. Read More»