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Top Six Trends In Window Treatments

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Window treatments are sometimes relegated to the accessory category when it comes to furnishing a room.  However, please don't overlook the profound affect the right window treatments make in the way your rooms look and feel. Window treatments are about so much more than just blocking light or adding privacy. With the right choices you can enhance your style and totally change the way your room is perceived. If your home is in dire need of a refresh, read on for the top 6 trends in window treatments.

1.  Layering

Windows that boast two or more treatments lend a rich look. Curtains plus shades or blinds allow for a decorative look and provide privacy. For example, a roman blind left high on the window can take the place of a valance with drapes from a company like Shady Lady on either side. You can also add a third layer with sheers behind drapes and blinds for more light filtering.

2.  Natural Materials

Bamboo and natural wood blinds give your rooms a warm and earthy feel. The latest look is matchstick textured shades that filter the light and add privacy.

3.  Patterns

Geometric patterns continue to be popular and are seen with bright colors or neutral shades. Other up-to-date pattern choices include trellis and vine motifs and whimsical patterns, such as animals (especially owls) and folkloric prints.

4.  Banding

Using a contrasting color horizontally adds a graphic look, perfect for contemporary styles. You will see bold bands across the top third of a curtain, and wide trim that runs vertically on the edges of the curtains look great with the shabby chic look, especially when enhanced with embroidery.

5.  Longer and Wider

Hanging your window treatments several inches higher than the opening to make your windows appear larger continues to be a popular look, and now manufacturers have caught on and are making longer curtains more readily available in the retail market. Add more panels to further enhance the optical illusion and extend your rods up to 10" on either side of the window opening.

6.  Sheers

Sheers have always been popular, but the trend is moving away from lace and ruffles and into texture, iridescent fabrics and subtle woven patterns.

Overall, these trends take a more sleek and minimalist approach to window coverings. Cornices, valances and heavy pinch pleats look too ponderous in today's light and casual living spaces. Updating your window treatments are an inexpensive way to make your rooms look fresh and new. With very little effort, the transformation can be amazing.