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Bathroom Remodeling: The Right Counters And Vanities For Your Home And Lifestyle

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If you are planning on a bathroom remodel, than new counters and vanities are likely something that you have been looking at. There are many options to fit the style and personality of your bathroom, and the prices will range accordingly. Consider the following options for your remodel, which will all give this important space style and distinction.

Some cool counters and stylish back-splashes include the following options:

Solid slab stone counter-tops.

The weight of slab stone for your counters makes it necessary to hire professionals to install, but it remains a popular choice for homeowners seeking high-end upgrades in their bathroom. Stone tile might be a feasible alternative, as it is much lighter and easier to handle during installation. This could impact and reduce the overall cost of replacing your bathroom counters and back-splash.

Glass counter-tops.

Glass is becoming a popular option for bathroom vanities and counter-spaces. The beauty and elegance of glass instantly enhances the look of the kitchen, and it is a perfect companion to modern faucets, funky fixtures, and contemporary designs. Be cognizant of the propensity to crack or chip before deciding on glass; contractors will be able to provide more information regarding the care and cost of this material.

Laminate counters and vanities.

Laminate counters are an affordable option that can spruce up any bathroom on a limited budget. This amazing material can mimic the look of any other counter-top, including wood, stone, or tile, but at a fraction of the cost. Laminate is also a good choice for heavy-traffic areas, and in children's bathrooms, as it is highly durable.

Ceramic tile counters and back-splashes.

Ceramic tile is an excellent choice in the bathroom, and it can give the bathroom a fresh, clean appearance. The biggest issue with ceramic tile is keeping the grout between the tiles looking fresh and bright, which is why many consumers are looking at using tinted grout. Talk with a contractor about using tinted grout to reduce the effort needed to keep white grout clean. Colored grout can also complement your tile selection, giving the bathroom a cohesive look.

Any investment that you make now in your home's bathrooms will likely enhance the overall value of your home, while also adding flair and style to your living spaces. Talk with a builder or contractor, such as Grover's Interiors Inc, about the many options available for your bathroom counters and back-splashes. Echo your choice along the wall and back-splash to create a dynamic and cohesive bathroom appearance.