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Attractive Window Treatments For Difficult Window Styles

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Picture windows, bay windows and sliding glass doors are luxurious additions to your house. They let in lots of natural light while allowing you to enjoy the view. However, bare windows do not provide the most attractive profile from an interior decorating point of view. Blend shutters and blinds with pretty window treatments for a finished look in your room.

Picture Window

Picture windows are typically rectangular, and they don't open. Such a wide expanse of glass can highlight your view, but it can make you feel on display as well.

Plantation shutters are a good option for picture windows because they fit into the window well. They feature wide louvers that can let in maximum light or close off completely for privacy. You can organize the shutter to allow maximum light inside while keeping your room private.

Gauzy window panels make an attractive complement for a picture window fitted with a plantation shutter. The panels add an extra layer of privacy while filtering the light coming through the window.

Bay Windows

Bay windows usually create an attractive bump out in your home that you use as a lounging space or to highlight the view outside. Made of three windows, the bump out provides a challenge traditional curtains.

Café shutters only cover the bottom half of the window, affording you some privacy while still showcasing the view. This is a good option if your bay window is part of a niche.

Better Homes and Gardens suggests matching these half shutters with pleated valances. The valances not only add a pop of color, they can be maneuvered to provide extra shade when desired. This system works well for bays constructed of wide, equal-width windows.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are one of the most common entryways to patios. However, the access they provide can make them a little difficult when it comes to window treatments.

Woven blinds are a good option for sliding glass doors. Usually constructed of thin strips of natural fibers, their narrow profile means they can fit into the frames of your doors.

If you want the option of closing off your sliding glass door, consider curtain panels mounted on ring clips. Look for wide rings, and pair them with a narrow curtain rod. It's even possible to mount a cable on the wall. Such a setup allows you to move the curtains with ease, depending on how you want your door to look.

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