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Are You Redecorating Your Master Bedroom In An Elegant Way?

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Were you one of those couples who had hand-me-down furniture for many years? If you did, and now you are getting to redecorate your bedroom, you must be very excited. Will you do the design yourself or will you be working with an interior decorator? Either way, from selecting the furniture to selecting the drapes, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something very special: The Furniture - Read More»

5 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Decorating a room isn’t easy. Everyone’s walked into a room that just didn’t feel right. Conversely, you’ve probably walked into a room and admired the décor without entirely understanding why it works so well. Room décor must have harmony. Avoid the interior designing pitfalls that lead to décor that clashes rather than complements. Buying Wrong-Sized Furniture As Oprah Magazine points out, it’s all about scale and proportion. It’s essential to buy furniture that fits the scale of your room. Read More»