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Are You Redecorating Your Master Bedroom In An Elegant Way?

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Were you one of those couples who had hand-me-down furniture for many years? If you did, and now you are getting to redecorate your bedroom, you must be very excited. Will you do the design yourself or will you be working with an interior decorator? Either way, from selecting the furniture to selecting the drapes, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something very special:

The Furniture -

Are you going with a traditional look or a contemporary one? Perhaps you are wanting to use antiques as you decorate your bedroom. One idea is for you to combine all three elements to achieve an elegant, eclectic feeling.

  • For example, select a headboard for your bed that has sleek, straight lines for the contemporary part.
  • Select traditional furniture for your bedside tables and your chest of drawers.
  • Look for things like an antique desk and an antique rocking chair for accent pieces.

The Window Treatment -

Since you want to establish an elegant look in your master bedroom, consider selecting draperies for your windows. Think of drapes that you would find in a formal living room and consider copy-catting that look in your master bedroom.

  • Consider using fabric like silk, velvet or organza for your drapes.
  • For a peaceful look, choose colors like soft blue, eggshell white, or light mauve.
  • For a dramatic look, select jewel colors like turquoise, ruby red or sapphire blue.

The Extras - 

When you shop for accent pieces think of choosing things that make you happy. If you decided to combine furniture to use contemporary, traditional and antique pieces, continue that theme in your accent pieces.

  • For example, if you love to travel, consider contemporary frames for pictures of famous cities like Amsterdam, Tokyo or Mexico City. 
  • If you have a passion for art, look for antique frames for prints of famous artwork.
  • For the traditional part, select things like marble lamps for your bedside tables.

Borrow ideas from pictures you like in decorating magazines. Another idea is to visit museum homes to get inspiration from elegant master bedrooms of long ago. And, use ideas from your own house, too. For instance, if you love the crystal chandelier that hangs in your living room, use that same look in your master bedroom. If you love the marble countertops in your kitchen, use marble for your bedside tables. Check out antique stores, boutiques and resale shops to find one-of-a-kind pieces.

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