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Design The Perfect Entryway With Just These 5 Components

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Your home's entryway is its introduction to visitors. How can you ensure that it says what you want it to say to them? Don't forget these five key elements.

1. Color

A drab entryway is a letdown for visitors. It fails to capture people's attention and sets a dull tone to your home style. So don't be afraid to add color to this space, particularly on the walls. This doesn't mean you need to be bold, dark, or fanciful. How you use color depends on your goals. It can be soft and subtle or a leap out of your comfort zone. It just needs to add interest. 

2. Storage

The entryway must serve dual purposes. It has to be appealing and engaging, but it also must be practical for those coming and going. So include at least a little storage. How you do this depends on what you have to work with, but it often includes pegs and hooks, a cabinet, benches with storage, or baskets.

3. Mirror

This is a very specific decor element to include, but it brings much to the table. A mirror is a last-minute check before you walk out the door. It also helps reflect both natural and artificial light around what's often a dark space. And it's just an interesting piece of art, especially if you don't have room for other artistic elements.

4. Art

Speaking of art, find a statement piece for this area. Most entryways have space at least for an intriguing piece of wall art. However, if you have more room, you could use a sculpture, table art, an eclectic pendant light, or whatever appeals to you. Don't overwhelm this area with too many choices, though. Keep it simple and stunning. 

5. Table

Finally, add a table. In many modest entryways, a side table that sits against a wall is sufficient. The table gives the room a little texture and is another way to add style. But it's also storage as well as a landing spot for things like keys and phones. Keep this table clean and clear, never letting it become a catch-all. 

Where to Start

Want help including these key components in your entryway? Meet with an experienced local interior design service in your area today. They'll work with you to pick the right mix for your specific space — no matter how large and ornate or how small and simple. For more information, contact a company like Joanie Anderson Interiors.