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2 Benefits Of Replacing Your Kitchen's Granite Countertops With Ones Made From Quartz

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Whether you are currently remodeling your kitchen or have noticed that your granite countertops are starting to look worn and unappealing, you may have decided it is time to replace them. While you may feel that you are ready to change, you may still be considering just getting new granite counters because you prefer the stone aesthetic.

If you want countertops that are made from stone, you may want to consider replacing your granite ones with those made from quartz. There are a couple of benefits of replacing your kitchen's old granite countertops with ones that are made from quartz.

1. Quartz Countertops Are Easier To Maintain Than Their Granite Counterparts

One benefit of replacing your kitchen's granite countertops with ones constructed from quartz is that the latter is easier to maintain. Because of its porous and brittle nature, granite needs to have special solutions to keep them clean. They also need to be sealed every few years to restore moisture and shine as well as to keep food particles from becoming embedded in the pores.

However, granite is a hard, nonporous stone that withstands most cleaners, even cleansers. Because it has a natural coating on its surface, you also do not need to have them sealed to help retain its beauty for years.

2. Quartz Is Highly Resistant To Germs, Making It Safer And Healthier To Use Than Granite

Another advantage that quartz has over granite when it comes to having them for your kitchen counters is that quartz is highly resistant to germs, making it safer and healthier to use. Because granite is so porous, bacteria from meat and other contaminants can become trapped on the surface. This makes it more likely that there will be cross-contamination if the counters are not thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned, and sealed.

However, because of the hard, nonporous nature of granite, there is a lesser chance of contamination by germs. You simply need to wipe the surfaces clean with an antibacterial spray to kill the germs.

When it comes time to replace your kitchen's old granite countertops, consider switching to ones made from quartz instead. Not only are ones made from quartz easier to maintain, but they are also nonporous and resistant to germs. This makes the quartz safer and healthier to use, especially if you do any meat prep on your countertops that can leave harmful bacteria behind. For more information, speak with a representative of a business in your area that offers quartz countertops for kitchens.

For more information on quartz countertops, contact a professional near you.