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Why Consider Custom Picture Framing?

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When you want to put pictures on your walls, you have lots of options. You can put photos and artwork on your walls plain, unmounted on canvas or other mediums. You can also buy picture frames to make these artful pieces or treasures photographs stand out. You can even go a step further and consider custom picture frames to make your treasured wall hangings really stand out.

Why invest in this type of home interior design? Learn why custom picture framing is more beneficial to you than you think.

You preserve what you want to keep framed better

Did you know that it's not just the sun that can cause a photograph or piece of art to get worn out or fade under a light's glare? Your home's interior lights, such as your overhead track lighting or traditional ceiling lights, can cause damage to your framed items over time.

When you get a traditional picture frame, you don't get a glass that can fully protect the imagery underneath from any type of lighting. Picture framing done in a custom manner, however, can include UV-blocking or other type of protective glass, customized to suit the type of artwork being displayed.

You get a professional framing experience

When you have a photograph put into a traditional frame, you risk making the photograph look like it's off-centered, or you may compromise the beauty of a piece because you've chosen a frame that is the wrong material or not thick enough. A professional picture framing expert makes custom frames for each piece you bring in, so the results are a frame that is designed around the picture, not the other way around.

The framing may including matting, if you prefer, to give your photograph or custom artwork even more allure. Your picture framing specialist will show you several options to consider to help you be part of the custom framing process.

You get a unique frame collection

Do you have several pieces that are part of a collection that you want to display on your wall? Do you have many photographs from the same occasion you want to showcase in the best light? When you have custom picture frames designed for your favorite art or photo collection, you help complete the pieces not just on their own, but as an entire group as well. Picture framing is an art of its own, so take advantage of this art form by having your favorite pieces custom framed.