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Wallpaper Care Tips Homeowners Should Know

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Wallpaper is a common covering to be used on interior walls. While this is a common type of feature for both homes and business, there are many people that will simply have an underdeveloped understanding about these custom wall coverings.

How Do You Spot Clean Wallpaper?

It is often assumed that wallpaper will essentially be impossible to effectively clean. However, there are many ways that small stains or spots will form on the wallpaper that will need to be addressed. If you are to effectively clean your wallpaper, you will need to use a slightly damp cloth or sponge for this work. You will need to be particularly careful to avoid getting the wall excessively wet. If the wallpaper gets too wet, it can suffer a couple of different types of damage. For example, it may be possible for air pockets to form, the color to fade or the wallpaper to start completely peeling off the wall.

What Should You Do If You Notice Tears In The Wallpaper?

Eventually, you may find that parts of the wallpaper have developed small tears in them. This can be a particularly serious problem as the tear is likely to grow in size and gradually worsen until it is repaired. Luckily, it is possible to repair these damages as long as you catch the damage before it can spread. To perform these repairs, you will need to use a special wallpaper patching kit. This kit will contain a small amount of adhesive so that you can press the torn sections of the wallpaper back onto the wall. Additionally, there may be a sealant in these kits that can be used to further secure the fabric to the wall.

What Is Involved With Replacing Wallpaper?

Eventually, you will find that you want to replace your wallpaper. Whether this is due to the need to update the look of the wallcoverings or to replace ones that have suffered excessive wear and tear, it is important for individuals to know what to expect from this type of upgrade. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to start to undertake this type of project only to be surprised and overwhelmed by the work that will need to go into it. For example, individuals will frequently assume that they will only need to apply a new layer of the wallpaper. However, it is often necessary to remove the previous layer before doing this work, and this can be a very labor intensive and time-consuming task. Due to the surprising complexity of this task, individuals are encouraged to leave this work to professionals.