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Custom Printed Window Shades For Your Home

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Custom printed window shades are an innovative and attractive way to enhance the windows of your home. These unique and creative window shades are available in many different styles, materials, and opacities. Here is some helpful information about custom printed window shades:

Materials - Printable window shades can be made of many different materials for unique situations in your home. Some of the window shade materials that are currently available to be printed with your own custom patterns and designs are as follows:

  • UV Light Filtering Material - The fabric in this type of window shade is treated to control light and UV rays from entering the room. These shades provide privacy and insulation, and they protect your interior rooms and furniture from UV damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.  
  • Blackout Material - The fabric in this type of window shade can darken a room from ambient sunlight at all times of the day. These shades are very useful in a home office where you have your computer and you wish to control the available light. They are also useful in a residential bedroom where homeowners and children need to rest or sleep during the day.   
  • Thermal-Lined Material - The fabric in this type of window shade can stabilize the temperature in a room and keep hot or cold air out during different seasons of the year. These shades block drafts and can save you money on heating and cooling expenses for your home.

Design Options - Printable window shades can be printed with a wide variety of options. See the ideas below:

  • A View of Nature - If you live in an apartment or condominium complex with close views of other residences, you can install window shades that completely change your exterior view. Your window shades can be printed with ocean or mountain views or natural scenes from different parts of the world. These scenic images can be printed on opaque or semi-transparent materials to restrict or allow light into your rooms as desired. 
  • Art and Design Elements - Custom window shades can be printed with the same or complimentary designs, colors, and patterns as your residential wallpaper, drapes, and/or upholstery. If you are an artist, your own paintings and drawings can be printed on custom printed window shades. Your own photographs can also be printed on custom window shades for a unique look in your home. Sequential images can be used on windows that are close together to create a visual panorama.  
  • Children's Themes - If you have small children, you can have custom printed window shades installed in their rooms with pictures of characters and scenes from their favorite books and movies. You can also have your child's drawings printed on window shades in their room. For young children, the alphabet and numbers from one to ten can be printed on window shades and used as teaching aids.   

Custom designs, patterns, and artwork can be submitted to window shade manufacturers online or in person. These companies will work with you to format the images that you want to have printed on your window shades in the size, color, and scale that works best for your designs. Before your designs are printed, drawings and size calculations will be sent to you for your final approval. With a little forethought and design, you can create a unique environment in your home with custom printed window shades that reflect your creativity and personal style. 

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